MR. TICO- Who is this guy?


First, welcome and thanks for visiting our shop. We’re all pretty excited here at our headquarters to have celebrated our 10 years of operation.

So you’d like to know more about MrTico and why we’re here?

MrTico | Your Costa Rica Travel Specialist is a professional high performance travel company- that’s our generic pitch anyways. The company was started in early 2007 by a couple of Costa Rica adventure travel professionals. Since that beginning we have been innovating, researching, designing, operating and overseeing Costa Rica trips to make sure that we bring you what we feel are the most memorable Costa Rica travel experiences at the most competitive prices on the market.


The motivation for MrTico grew over the years. The Costa Rica travel industry started to be overwhelmed by large corporate companies, and travel professionals were having a hard time getting their ideas heard and it seemed like the industry was more about making money than it was about listening, designing and innovating great trips.

Our Goal
Our goal is to remain a small, grass roots company. A company capable of listening to the travelers and taking their dreams of what they would like to see and experience on their trips and making them a reality, and to help bring back that sense of personalized service; and in return provide us with a sense of professional accomplishment.

We’re not in it for the money, status, or market domination; we’re simply here for you, our fellow adventure spirited people and to do all we can to make your time in Costa Rica as fun as possible.

Why Mr. Tico?

  • Personalized attention: We carefully listen to your wishes & transform those into your dream vacation.
  • We design your trip itinerary from scratch, resulting in a full vacation package matching your wishes perfectly.
  • Comfort & Safety First: We inspect all accommodations & activities, and filter out the bad ones. More about this in the right column >>
  • 24/7 emergency assistance: While you enjoy your dream vacation, we remain on the side line for assistance if needed.
  • Worry free travel: You’re here to celebrate your holiday, let us take care of the hard work and headaches.

We are proud to say we are one of the most, if not the most, affordable travel agencies in Costa Rica, offering a high standard of service based on many years of experience.

Reliable & Affordable

Having worked as naturalist and adventure travel guides in the Costa Rican tourism field for over 30 years combined, we know the routes, we have slept in the hotel beds, eaten in the restaurants, descended the canyons, navigated the rapids, biked the trails, driven on the roads and much more.

Our biggest asset is our education, which includes professional training in tourism and leisure management, environmental sustainability, business, first aid, vertical rescue, swift water rescue, naturalism and more.

We explore all places, and inspect every single operator first hand for you to get the most excitement, fun, and value for money. We keep all costs as low as possible without jeopardizing your safety and the degree of excitement and service. 


Effective, Transparent & Fun.

Experience our greatest customer service first hand. Whether you book a single hotel room, activity, rental car or a full vacation package, expect to be treated as a true customer from start to end. We understand your need for information on all aspects of Costa Rica and your vacation; therefore we will be happy to answer all your questions before, during and after booking.

Your Customized Vacation to Costa Rica
Together with you, one of our itinerary designers will create your itinerary according to your wish list and needs. Your trip itinerary will include a trip overview, day-to-day description and will state all elements included. We will send your customized itinerary by e-mail in PDF format.

We’ll manage the entire reservation process, provide you with all vouchers and off you go, on your Costa Rica endeavour guided by your Mr. Tico itinerary. During your travels we’ll stay on the side line for assistance.

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