The Arenal Volcano Observation Hike in Costa Rica

Perfectly cone-shaped Volcano

The Arenal Volcano, the most impressive in its class, is a perfectly cone-shaped smoking mountain located right next to the town of La Fortuna and surrounded by mere rain forests. Its presence can’t go unnoticed as the Arenal can be seen from anywhere in the region.

We offer you the opportunity to learn the most impressive history of the Arenal Volcano, including its major eruption of 1968, leaving behind a devastating number of victims, and a lava trail you will be exploring with one of our bilingual guides.

the arenal volcano observation hike in costa rica
the arenal volcano observation hike in costa rica

Flora & Fauna

This adventure starts at your hotel where we’ll pick you up in a comfortable van which takes you to the start of the trail on a private farm, only 15 minutes away. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars!

During the 2,5 hour hike you will get to observe and learn about the tropical rainforests which surround the foot of the volcano with the chance of spotting wildlife such as sloths, monkeys, snakes, and exotic birds like the toucan.

End this tour with a soothing Hot Springs evening!

Lava Trail!

Continuing this activity your guide will switch to the ‘Lava trail’ where you get to witness the magma flow ending at a vista spot offering impressive views of the Arenal Volcano, its lake, the unknown Green Lagoon, and the Tilaran Mountain Range.

the arenal volcano observation hike in costa rica

As close as it gets

You’ll end this tour at the observation point of the Arenal Volcano, the closest you can get to the base of the Arenal Volcano, and the perfect vantage point to take remarkable photos as the sun sets behind that epic smokey cone. But there’s more…

the arenal volcano observation hike in costa rica

Perfect combo

We strongly suggest combining this tour with a visit to one of the soothing hot springs. After witnessing the sun set behind the volcano we will wisk you straight to the springs where you can enjoy an evening in the thermal baths including dinner on site.

the arenal volcano observation hike in costa rica