Canopy Zip Lining Adventure in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Adventure Specialty

If you come to Costa Rica, there are at least two things that you will not be able to skip. The first is eating ‘rice and beans’ and the second is moving through the tree tops by means of a harness, pulleys and a cable, also known as canopy zip lining. The canopy tour or canopy zip lining is a Costa Rican specialty.

canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica
canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica

Not Just an Adventure

For the most part, its fame comes from the sensation it produces when you achieve a sense of flight while rapidly moving from one treetop to the next. However canopy zip lining will also provide a unique monkey’s-eye view of the forest canopy, where thick branches serve as platforms for an incredible diversity of orchids, bromeliads, ferns, cacti as well as many other epiphytic and parasitic plants.

Also Available: Canopy Zip Lining in the Dark

Top Location: Arenal Volcano

On occasion opportunities will also arise to spot such animals as tree frogs, vine snakes (completely harmless), sloths, monkeys, and a myriad of bird species. This is specially the case when canopy zip-lining in the Arenal Area, along with amazing panoramic views of Arenal Volcano: certainly the top location to go zip lining while in Costa Rica!

canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica

Safety First!

It is also important to mention that given its current popularity, there are over 50 canopy operators in Costa Rica. At MrTico we have carefully inspected and selected canopy operators that offer structural integrity in their anchoring and platform systems, redundant safety mechanisms, and professionally trained guides.

Gear Up…

After you have been welcomed by your friendly guides, you will start your canopy zip lining adventure in Costa Rica by getting geared up and receiving a thorough briefing. Arriving at the first platform, your body will most likely get an adrenaline shot with many more to come. There is no way back!

& Fly Out!

It’s time to join the monkeys and zip line through and over the rain forests. At the end of each zip-line, a guide will assist you with your landing. Each cable differs in length, incline, landing platform and surroundings. This is what you came for, loosing that adrenaline shot is impossible. Strap on and shout it out!

canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica
canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica mrtico
canopy zip lining adventure in costa rica mrtico