Hiking the Cloud Forests of Monteverde 

Top 3 Hot Spots

If you’re interested in nature, wildlife, birding, and hiking, then walking in the cool temperature mountains of the Monteverde Cloud Forest is the perfect activity to complement your Costa Rica Experience. Monteverde belongs to the Top 3 Hot Spots of Costa Rica, and yet it’s not as busy as you might think it is. It’s an easy and interesting ride from the Arenal Volcano region.

hiking the cloud forest of monteverde in costa rica
hiking the cloud forest of monteverde in costa rica

Great network of trails

Monteverde area is world famous for its cloud forest conservation; within the location you can access two major cloud forests reserves and well as elevated walkways, bridges, observation platforms and even aerial trams. In almost all cloud forest locations, well-marked trails are the norm so a visit on your own (non-guided) is possible.

Guided is the Way to Go

However, we recommend hiking the Cloud Forests of Monteverde with the assistance of a naturalist guide, in order to fully appreciate and discover and learn about this unique ecosystem. We make use of our large database of professional bilingual naturalist guides to put you in the hands of naturalist who will surely enhance your cloud forest hiking experience.

hiking the cloud forest of monteverde in costa rica

Monteverde perfectly combines with a visit to the Arenal Volcano

Cloud Forests

Cloud forests are a particular type of tropical rain forest that occurs at specific tropical mountain areas (at an approximate altitude of 1-2 Km / 3000-6000 feet), and constitute unique ecosystems. Their distinctive weather conditions make them suitable for thousands of plants and animals that can be found nowhere else on earth.

Fresh & Humid

Low cloud banks form over the mountains such that the forest is actually immersed in clouds much of the time. When this happens, the relative humidity is 100%, making cloud forests exceedingly moist places. When visiting, make sure to bring a warm layer of clothing and a poncho or rain jacket as weather conditions can change rapidly.

Rich in Vegetation

Constantly, water is deposited directly onto vegetation in the form of mist; causing the forest to be perpetually moist if not wet, making the habitat richest in epiphytic flora. Additionally, the higher elevation makes for cooler, more enjoyable hiking conditions, which are not enjoyed in low land rain forests.

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hiking the cloud forest of monteverde in costa rica
hiking the cloud forest of monteverde in costa rica