Hiking & Wildlife in Corcovado National Park

Our Specialty

MrTico is specialized in travel through out all of Costa Rica, but we are proud to state that we specialize in (multiday) hiking & wildlife observation in Corcovado National Park; still an untouched part of the country. There are many ways to visit Corcovado National Park, therefore if you don’t want to miss out on what National Geographic describes as ‘The most biologically intense place on Earth’, contact us with your wishes and we will make it happen.

hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park
hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park

The Osa Peninsula

The pristine rain forests and the rugged natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula make this region among the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica containing a variety of ecosystems including primary and secondary rain forests, untouched beaches, coral reefs, and mangrove and freshwater swamps. It has the most biologically important protected lowland area- the ecological variety and abundance is truly amazing. Any person visiting this incredible area can expect to see an abundance of both marine and rain forest wildlife at its best.

We know the ins and outs

Drive, fly or sail to Corcovado National Park. Hike single days or multiple days, make it an all-inclusive nature trip, or Honeymoon, or go ‘el cheapo’; add additional tours while in the Osa Peninsula (eg. scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphins and whales watching, horseback riding, sea kayaking). It’s all up to you.

Whatever your wildlife observation and hiking wishes are, we’ll make them happen! Keep in mind that Corcovado National Park is a tough cookie, therefore hiking with a local guide is required.

hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park

“The most biologically intense place on Earth”

Endangered Tapir

The Park is large enough to support a sizable population of the endangered Baird’s Tapir. And it holds about 140 species of mammals. Large herds of white-lipped peccaries roam the park as well as several big cats (including jaguars, ocelots, cougars and margay).

Bird’s Paradise

Costa Rica as a whole is a birdwatcher’s dream come true, and Corcovado in particular holds most of this treasure where several hundred land and marine bird species can be seen in their natural habitat. It’s impossible to ignore the presence of the Scarlet Macaws!

Ranger Stations

There are five ranger stations, with Sirena Ranger Station being the only one in the middle of the park. The ranger stations La Leona, San Pedrillo, Los Patos and El Tigre are situated at the border and serve as official entrances.

hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park
hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park
hiking & wildlife in corcovado national park