Hot & Wild Surfing Classes in Costa Rica

Hottest beaches & the best surf

Costa Rica is known as “the Hawaii of Latin-American surfing” for its thousands of beach and reef breaks, and ample oceanfront. No monster waves, however what you do see is good-size breaks which are consistent year-round.  Another reason to surf in Costa Rica is its culture supporting the surfer scene with the strongest vibe. On both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts we know the hottest beaches with the best surf for all level surfers.

hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica
hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica

Improve your surfing skills

Surfing is a natural and healthy sport. It gets you in shape, gives you a nice tan and it’s pure fun. MrTico offers the opportunity to surf in Costa Rica. If you are beginning to surf, or if it’s your first time, or even if you are already a surfer we can assist with instruction from high energy, first class instructors. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level surfer, we can accommodate an instructor for you to improve your current skills!

Wetsuit Free Surfing

Another reason is the solid temperature at the Costa Rican beaches with air temperatures of about 25-30 ° C (77-86 ° F) all year, and water temperatures around 25 ° C (77 ° F). This is absolute wetsuit free surfing! Grab your board and hit the waves for a couple of hours, chill on the beach and share some of your newly acquired skills with your fellow surfers. No tough surfer stereotypes here protecting ‘their’ waves.

hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica

“The Hawaii of Latin-American surfing”

99% success rate

Beginners will start off right on the beach where your instructor will teach you the basics of surfing, first on the beach to practice standing and holding the correct position, and then entering the water to catch your first waves. 99% of novices will be standing up to ride waves by the end of their first lesson!

Keep improving

Unless your name is Kelly Slater, Duke Kahanamoku, or Tom Curren, you can most likely still improve your surfing skill set, no matter your talents. Let us pick the right surfing instructor and the right beach location to make this happen for you. If you out surf your instructor, you can call yourself a pro!

Best Surfing Spots

From beach breaks, to point breaks, to reef breaks, and busy beaches to empty beaches, we have ’em all! Just to name a few of our favorites: Tamarindo, Dominical, Pavones, Hermosa, Negra, and Witches Rock. If you don’t seek surfing instructions, simply grab your board and do it yourself!

hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica
hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica
hot & wild surfing classes in costa rica